SEO of pages settings

How to write the title and description of the pages

SEO pf pages settings are here.

The most important thing in this table is the titles of the pages, you need to give them the most attention. Because search engines give page titles the highest priority. In the title of the pages, use various key phrases as part of the title.

For example, the name “Family New Year's photoshoot” is suitable for an album with photos, the name “Cost of a studio photoshoot” or “Price of a family photoshoot” is suitable for the Cost page.

Use seasons, filming locations, weather, mood, and other filming details to diversify page titles.

For example:

  • Wedding photoshoot on Queen street
  • Thematic portrait photo session in Moscow
  • Winter photo walk
  • Portrait photo session in the studio
  • Photoshoot in noir style

Please remember that all page names on your website must be unique and must not be repeated.

Let's emphasize the important information:

  • Titles and descriptions of pages should not be repeated. It should be a meaningful text, not a bunch of words, and should match the content of the page.
  • Use key phrases in page titles. There is no dot after the title. But after the description, do not forget to put a dot.
  • For search engines, page titles are very important. If your website has a lot of pages and filling in all the settings is difficult, then the descriptions can be left blank, but the page titles must be filled in.
  • And the most important. Filling in search settings is a necessary but not sufficient condition for successful promotion. Without text on the website, for example, descriptions of photo series, price information, text about yourself, search settings will not give the maximum result. Read an instruction 📖 How to get into Yandex and Google search.

If after reading the article you still have questions, write to us in the support chat on the website, on VK or Telegram, and we will be happy to help you.

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