How to add blocks to an album

How to change the view of the album and add blocks to the album page

All albums have the same view, which you can change in the Design section. But if you want to customize the view of a separate album or add additional blocks (text, buttons, etc.) to the album page, then you can convert the album to a Custom page.

How to do it step by step: 

  •  Open the album for editing, click on the «Actions» button and select «Convert to page» item. Confirm the conversion. 

  • Now it’s a Custom page with a separate Gallery block. You can customize the view of this gallery in the settings panel at the beginning of the block: 

  • You can also add any block to the page, for example, a block with a button. To do this, when editing a page, click on the round button «+» (Add a block). In the opened window go to the Buttons tab and select the block with a button that you want. 

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