How to make subsections in a portfolio

Create a portfolio with multiple album galleries

To create a portfolio as a drop-down menu with a double nesting level:

Portfolio (drop-down menu)

  • Love Stories (Album Gallery)
    — Helen and George (album)
    — Bernard and Cathleen (album)
    — Isabel and John (album)
    — ...
  • Family (album gallery)
    — Family traditions (album)
    — William and Elizabeth (album)
    — Family meeting (album)
    — ...
  • Weddings (album gallery)
    — Jean and Daniel (album)
    — Chloe and Christopher (album)
    — Grace and Robert (album)
    — ...
  • — ...

Go to the Pages section and follow these steps:

  • Click on the «Add to the site» button and select the «Drop-down menu» item. 

  • Enter the name of the main section (for example, «Portfolio»), which will contain nested galleries and click «Add».

  • Then add the first page to this dropdown menu — click on the «Create New» link, select the type of a page you want to add and enter its name (for example, «Love Stories»). 

  • Click on the «+ Add» button, enter a name for the album and upload your photos. 

  • In this way, you have created a drop-down menu, and a gallery of albums in it. To add another gallery of albums, go to the previously created drop-down menu («Portfolio») and click on the «Gallery» item again. 

You can change the albums and galleries view in the Design section.

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